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CAN bus Wikipedia.
A CAN network can be configured to work with two different message or frame" formats: the standard or base frame format described in CAN 2.0 A and CAN 2.0 B, and the extended frame format described only by CAN 2.0 B.
Can Definition of Can by Merriam-Webster.
2: the contents of a can Add a can of tomatoes. kan canned; canning. Kids Definition of can Entry 3 of 4.: to prepare for later use by sealing in an airtight can or jar Let's' can peaches for winter.
Can band Wikipedia.
In 1995 The Peel Sessions was released, a compilation of Can recordings at the BBC. In 1999 Can Box was released, with a Can video documentary, a concert recording from 1972 and a double live CD compiled by Michael Karoli and later released separately as Can Live Music Live 19711977.
CAN in Automation CiA: Controller Area Network CAN.
Interested parties can register here. September 30, 2020 CAN XL and MICI. In addition to the traditional AUI attachment unit interface, CAN XL provides the MICI medium-independent CAN interface. MICI is the interface between CAN XL SIC transceivers CiA 610-3 and the CAN XL controllers CiA 610-1.
can Wiktionary.
From Middle English canne, from Old English canne glass, container, cup, can, from Proto-Germanic kann can, tankard, mug, cup, perhaps from Proto-Indo-European gan, gand a vessel. Cognate with Scots can can, West Frisian kanne a jug, pitcher, Dutch kan pot, mug, German Kanne can, tankard, mug, Danish kande can, mug, a measure, Swedish kanna can, tankard, mug, Icelandic kanna a can.

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